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Planning a visit to the gas fireplace

A visit to our showroom will enable you to see the range of fireplaces and fires we can offer. It would help greatly if you could prepare a couple of things before you visit us. However before your order is finalised we will always endeavor to send our surveyor to assess the room etc. You can do this by filling out the form below and emailing it ahead of your visit, or printing off the drawings and inserting your dimensions or just bringing your sizes in on a piece of paper.

A photograph is worth a thousand words and so one of the area you would like us to install the fire or fireplace would be perfect, preferably from as far away as is realistically possible. It need not be printed just bring the device ie phone/camera you took the picture on.

Secondly, any relevant measurements that may help you while you browse. We don’t need a work of art or a scale drawing as you will see from our notes pictured! Useful dimensions can be

  1. The width and depth of the chimney breast in the room (if your property has one, some houses have an external one and just a flat wall in the room) If your chimney is on the outside of the house then a picture is usually unnecessary but the width and depth can still often be helpful.
  2. The width and height of your existing surround (again, if you have one)
  3. The opening within your fireplace or fire (again, if you have one and if there is not something blocking it).

If you cannot do any of these things do not panic, they are just the type of thing we will do on the survey. The advantages to doing it before you visit are that it can save you choosing products that are not suitable. It also enables us to give you a more accurate estimate in the showroom if we have this information. Alternatively fill in the form below and email it to us ahead you visit us.


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