Grey is the New Black

When it comes to Limestone and Marble, Grey is the New Black. 2018 has seen our sales of Grey coloured materials for fireplaces and hearths overtake almost all of the other colours we supply, putting Beige firmly into second place.

Especially popular is our Prima Gris Limestone, this material is full of character and provides a warm feel to any room. The grey colour is the perfect foil to the dark of the stove or fire, Grey’s now features in many home decorative schemes as the tonal range variations can give a room a totally different look at different times of the day, depending upon the lighting conditions.

When not pop into our Beckenham showroom and have a look at the new Black!


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3 problems of “traditional open fires”

3 problems of “traditional open fires”

Traditional open fires whilst nice to loo at are very inefficient, a problem in todays world as we all strive to make our houses cozy but at the same time cheaper to run.

However you don’t have to resort to a stove when you want a warm, smoke-free room. Jetmaster open fire convection boxes give you advantages a stove doesn’t — the crackle of burning logs, a bigger flame, a well-warmed room more quickly. And because they light so easily and heat so quickly you don’t have to keep Jetmaster open fires going all the time. An open fire convector will also be cheaper to install as it will not require the expensive steel liner a wood stove does, or the scaffolding to install the liner

Below you can see three examples showing the benefits of a Jetmaster convector box over a traditional open fire.

1. Efficiency


A typical open fire, like a grate in a brick fireplace, will achieve an efficiency of about 10% — perhaps as much 18% in good conditions. This directly equates to how much wood you need to burn to stay warm… lots!


A Jetmaster is the most efficient open fire in the UK, with fuel efficiencies of up to 50% when burning wood. That’s as much as five times better than a standard firebrick opening.

2. Heat losses


Most of the heat a traditional open fire generates goes straight up the chimney. And even when the fire is not on, warm air from the room is drawn out the house through the chimney.


Standing air losses can are significantly reduced with a Jetmaster open fire using it’s damper mechanism. The damper closes the fire down to within 3% of the flue opening. This has great benefits in today’s highly efficient homes.

3. Smoke spillage


Another common issue with traditional open fires is smoke spilling in to the room. As well as being inconvenient, this is unsafe and hazardous.


Jetmaster offer a “No Smoke Guarantee” with every open fire. The proven design draws smoke through the unit and up the chimney, never in to the room.

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Thought you might like to see the made to measure Gas Fire now fitted

made to measure gas fire

Nigel, I Thought you might like to see the made to measure Gas Fire now fitted.

It looks really good and everybody is very pleased with it.

If you would like to use the photo for advertising purposes please feel free.

Thank you

(from Blackpool)
It’s always nice to receive feedback from customers, if you have an old fireplace that needs bringing back to life, give us a call on 0208 663 3223 or fill out our made to measure quote form.
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Display and Demonstrate Dimplex Centre

Dimplex Oakhurst opti-myst electric stove

As a display and demonstrate Dimplex Centre we can provide the complete range of Dimplex fire products.

Dimplex fires and stoves purchased through a registered Display and Demonstrate dealer such as The Gas Fireplace will provide you with additional warranty on your Dimplex product, not available through normal outlets or online providers.

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Hunter Stoves price increase

Hunter Verona 6 gas stove

We have today been informed a Hunter Stoves price increase will come into force on the 26th March 2018.

The increase will not however affect all of the Hunter Stoves brands. If you have been considering the purchase of one of the following Hunter Stove brand appliances from The Gas Fireplace please be aware that orders placed after the 26th March will attract the price increase.

The Hunter brands affected are Avalon, Eco, Cleanburn and HS Gas Call us for more details on 0208 663 3223

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Local areas we can supply

local areas we can supply

The Gas Fireplace has been supplying fireplaces locally for over 35 years, these are of some of the local areas we can supply.  So if you want a fireplace in Eltham or a gas fire in Orpington we are the place to visit.

At the Gas Fireplace we are able to supply and install fireplaces, fires and stoves in the following;










In addition to being able to supply or supply and install our period and contemporary fireplaces, some of the stove and fire makes we can supply are:



Nu Flame








Call Nigel or Carol for more information on 0208 663 3223 we provide a quality service at a price that won’t be beaten.

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Energy labelling regulations for fires and stoves

The new Energy Labelling Regulations for fires and stoves will come into force on the 1st January 2018.

In the UK and across Europe, The Energy Labelling directive has been introduced to help consumers make more of an informed choice about gas, electric and solid fuel appliance efficiency.

Energy labels can already be found on domestic appliances, such as refrigerators and washing machines. Such energy labels have been in use for a number of years, and are designed to help reduce the carbon footprint of a household, and to save money. More efficient appliances use less energy, which is great for the environment, and also for household finances.

In April 2017 the Energy Labelling directive was implemented on independent boiler appliances, and in January 2018, room heater stove appliances will be required to comply with the new legislation.

All wood burning stoves will likely be categorised as an “A rating” due to the renewable and zero carbon features.

Our website will soon show these labels against each appliance, this will enable you to see at a glance which fire or stove might be the best for your home.


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What should you consider when purchasing a gas fire?

Dru Circo gas stove

What should you consider when purchasing a gas fire?

Don’t take any chances when purchasing a gas fire. Choosing the right gas fire needs a systematic approach that depends on your home, the size of the space to be heated and your personal taste. It is important to know in advance what are the options in your home and what exactly you expect from the fireplace. Is heat your priority or is the atmosphere created by the gas fire more important? Or are both of equal importance? Fortunately, you don’t have to decide all by yourself; we will list the options for you.

What type of gas fire should you choose and in which situation?

There are three main types of gas fires: Built-in, freestanding and suspended gas fires.

  • A built-in gas fire can be installed in a wall or in a chimneybreast; this can be done with or without a frame depending on your interior design. A built-in gas fire is a good option if you want a streamlined finish, although it often needs considerable room, even if that is not your first impression.
  • A freestanding gas fire offers greater flexibility and makes it easier to perhaps replace it with another model in the future.
  • A suspended gas fire heats large and open spaces quickly and effectively, because it radiates heat to all sides. The great advantage of this type of gas fire is that the floor space remains free and therefore the room in which the fire is situated appears to have more space.

Gas fires offer more options than open wood fires. You have a choice of fire view: do you want to view the fire from two or three sides? Or even from two different rooms? Tunnel view is a good option in the case of a long wall between to areas; both areas enjoy the vista of a single fire. It makes good use of space and is very eye-catching.

Selecting a gas fire with open or closed combustion?

Oxygen is always necessary for combustion. Where the oxygen comes from will depend on the type of system.

Open and closed combustion: the differences

  • In open combustion, the oxygen is drawn in from the space around the fire. In the case of closed combustion, the air is drawn from outside for combustion and the residual gasses are extracted using the same flue.
  • Ventilation is a vital point in an open combustion system, because the residual gasses must be extracted by the natural draw in the flue. An open combustion system cannot be installed in a residence with mechanical ventilation. In the case of closed combustion, the air is drawn from outside for burning the fire and the residue gasses are extracted using the same flue. In this case, there are no special ventilation requirements.
  • In open combustion, the fire can be glass-fronted or open-fronted. Open combustion is less efficient and mainly provides immediate radiated heat. In a closed combustion system, the fires are always glass-fronted. This ensure that the fire achieves a higher temperature and therefore a higher output.

A gas fire with open combustion is an option when it is installed in an existing fireplace. For example, when replacing an open fire, when there is little room for a suitable flue and when the fire is used only for creating a warm atmosphere. In a well insulated residence with mechanical ventilation, a gas fire with closed combustion is almost always a better option.

In addition to choosing the type of gas fire and combustion system, there are other issues that should be considered:

  • Capacity
    It is important to choose a gas fire with a capacity that matches the space that you want to heat. Examine how much capacity you need for your home.
  • Technical options
    Do you have doubts about whether it is possible to install a gas fire in your home or do you have a particular place in mind for installing it? Consult our section on technical questions or what the PowerVent system can do.
  • Environmentally-friendly and safe
    Is a gas fire environmentally-friendly and safe? Years of experience have made DRU gas fires very efficient and low on energy consumption. Check here to see what is the average consumption of the gas fire.
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Stanley fireplace fitted in Bromley

Our hand crafted Stanley fireplace in Limestone with a steel panel, Italian Slate and Spherical dogs and basket gas fire, shown here fitted for a lovely couple in Bromley, Kent.

Mr Rowney, of Murray Avenue, Bromley, has recently had the Stanley Fireplace installed at his home by The Gas Fireplace. The Rowney’s were drawn to the contemporary style, which enhances the feel of their home.

Mr Rowney of Bromley said ‘My wife and I are very pleased with the Stanley Fireplace. It has now been fitted and looks absolutely stunning. It fits in with the new style look of our living room so well and is a real talking point for guests. The Gas Fireplace installation team worked seamlessly to ensure they were careful and attentive with our well-loved home. Nigel’s advice was very helpful in making our our choice. From beginning to end the transition from our rather outdated 1950’s tiled fireplace and open fire, to the much more modern Stanley Fireplace was very smooth’.

‘The Gas Fireplace had a wide range of fireplaces to choose from and from initial enquiry to installation only took five weeks. We would recommend this shop to anybody needing a fireplace in the Bromley area and beyond!’

Mr Rowney, Bromley ‘Could not fault them from removal of old fireplace to fitting of new’!

We offer a comprehensive range of both contemporary and period styles of fire surround bespoke service. Sourcing the very best natural materials which are carved by skilled, experienced craftsmen.  Advice on size, model and material incorporating years of experience to advise on technical possibilities. Project managing from initial enquiry, through the survey to successful installation.

Other Fireplace’s in the range

The Stanley fireplace is a copy of an old English mantelpiece. Simplistic in design with straight lines for a minimalist appearance. This fireplace is available in any material or size.

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Energis range updated

Energis Hotbox fire

Nu-Flame have updated their Energis range of fires, to now include all of the standard open fronted fires. The range now incorporates the class leading Hotbox and Slimline models, with efficiency’s of between 67.9% and 79.7% dependent upon model. This sets the Energis range as the most efficient heat source for your room of any open fronted gas fire currently made today.

The Energis range are all available with either Nu Flames 3 button fully sequential high level touch control system, remote control or standard manual control. They are also suitable for most flue types from Class 1 to Pre-cast, making it one of the most versatile fires we sell.

Come and see the range in our Beckenham showroom and feel the difference for yourself.

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Gas fire flames

gas flames

Warming up your living room with a fireplace has been a common tradition in homes across the world for hundreds of years. However, more recently, gas fires have increased in popularity to become the most widely used fireplace in domestic and commercial environments. This article will detail the history of the gas fireplace, looking at why it has become so popular, and the developments gas fires have seen over the course of its existence.

Gas fires first came into prominence as a popular alternative for wood burning fires due to their efficiency and cleanliness. Wood burning fires created a lot of smoke and ash, whereas gas fireplaces removed these by-products entirely; providing a cleaner, more efficient fireplace. The relative speed of which the gas fire could alight was a great improvement on the gradual lighting of a traditional fireplace. The first gas fireplace is estimated to have been produced as early as 1895, using the method of heating a cast-iron carcass that projected heat out into the room.

Although gas fires may have suffered from a lack of aesthetic authenticity compared to the beautiful natural flames of a wood burning stove, recent developments of the gas fireplace have provided homeowners with realistic-looking ‘living flame’ fires.   the gas fire flames look incredibly realistic and add an extra layer of atmosphere and authenticity to gas fireplaces. As well as the fires themselves, there are now countless fireplaces that enhance their appearance and help them become the focal point of a room together with hole in the wall fireplaces and hole in the wall gas fires.

As with a lot of new innovations, the price was originally a sticking point for a lot of people as it was relatively expensive compared to traditional fires. However, over time, the price of these fires has dropped quite considerably, making them much more affordable and therefore more common in domestic and commercial environments.

At the Gas fireplace, we are proud to stock a wide range of beautiful gas fires and surrounds to suit any need. We stock a variety of fireplaces, including both inset and outset models, plus balanced flue fires. Our team of experienced, Gas Safe Registered professionals can install your fire quickly and efficiently, ensuring that you can enjoy the benefits of your new fireplace as soon as possible. For more information about our range of gas fires or any of our other fireplaces, browse our website today Give us a call or pop along to our shop in Beckenham and talk to one of our friendly, helpful staff.

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New Edgehill Fireplace fitted in Dulwich

Edgehill Fireplace in Dulwich

Mr Alleyn, of Village Way, Dulwich Village, Dulwich, has recently had the Edgehill Fireplace installed at his heritage home by The Gas Fireplace. Mr Alleyn was drawn to the way contemporary style elegantly blends with a historical feel, which enhances the feel of his home.

Mr Alleyn of Dulwich said ‘Our family are very pleased with the Edgehill Fireplace. It has now been fitted and looks absolutely stunning. It fits in with the new style look of our living room so well and is a real talking point for guests. The Gas Fireplace installation team worked seamlessly to ensure they were careful and attentive with our well-loved listed home, from beginning to end the transition from our rather outdated fireplace, to the much more modern Edgehill Fireplace enhances the overall ambience of our Dulwich Village residence’.

‘You have a fabulous range of high quality fireplaces to choose from and from initial enquiry to installation was fast and efficient. I would recommend The Gas Fireplace to anybody needing a fireplace in the Dulwich area and beyond, and recently have! They were thrilled with the result and all staff are always helpful and friendly.’

Mr Alleyn, Dulwich ‘Excellent installation from removal of old fireplace to fitting of new’!

We offer a comprehensive range of both contemporary and period styles of fire surround bespoke service. Sourcing the very best natural materials which are carved by skilled, experienced craftsmen.  Advice on size, model and material incorporating years of experience to advise on technical possibilities. Project managing from initial enquiry, through the survey to successful installation.

Other Fireplace’s in the range

The Edgehill mantelpiece is a copy of an Edwardian corbel mantelpiece. Simplistic in design with graceful corbels at the tops of the legs to support the amply proportioned shelf, shown in White Marble. This fireplace is available in any material or size. Dimensions: 1600cm x 1156cm.

see more about the Edgehill Fireplace’s 



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New Gas Fire fitted in Orpington

derby bellfire Gasfire Orpington

The Gas Fireplace has just completed the installation of a  Gas fire in the living room for Mrs Lubbock of West Way, Petts Wood, Orpington. Mrs Lubbock was over the moon with the installation, with an output of 2-8kw & 80% efficiency, choosing logs fuel effect and ceramic black mirror interior, she’s looking forward to the new cosy feel it will bring to those autumn/winter evenings on the sofa, in Orpington.

Mrs Lubbock chose a burner of medium of logs instead of grey stones or white marble shingles. Interior is available in steel panels, plain background, ceramic black mirror interior or ceramic classic stone. The Gas fire balanced flue gas fire is suitable for fitting into a fireplace as shown or as a Hole in the Wall installation. Available as a single face or double face option in small and large.

Pleasant Orpington experience!

Mrs Lubbock of Orpington was extremely pleased with the products and services from The Gas Fireplace, and said ‘nothing was too much trouble’. She would definitely buy from The Gas Fireplace again and cannot recommend them highly enough, she said our advice was ‘second to none’, and the fitting was a professional, pleasant experience, fitters were very friendly and caused minimal disruption. No mess was left behind and our advice on maintenance & aftercare is ‘excellent’. Mrs Lubbock says the flames of the Gas fire are ‘mesmerising’ and the black mirror interior adds ‘another dimension’.

Other Bellfire in the range

We offer a wide range of Gas Fires to choose from,  our staff cannot do enough to help you pick the one that is right for you. After searching for weeks online Mrs Lubbock of Orpington is so glad she went to The Gas Fireplace for her Gas fire.

With great customer service and aftercare, and a large range of products to choose from, our staff are very attentive and will help you make the right choice without any pressure selling.

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Design flexibility with new Faber Blokhus

We are pleased to announce the latest addition to the Faber range of gas fires.  The new Blokhus freestanding gas fire combines a stylish finish and impressive flame picture with unique design flexibility.

This unique, modular balanced flue gas fire offers a statement design object for any living space and is available with optional extra blocks to add height and create different looks.

Choose from single (200mm) or double (400mm) blocks to fit on top of the standard design, which offers a three-sided panoramic view of the flame picture. For Design flexibility with new Faber Blokhus.

The Blokhus model features an output of 4.6kW, or 5.2kW with the optional high efficiency kit and includes Faber’s Log Burner® combined with a superb glowing embers effect using LED Symbio® technology.

The modular block design of the new Blokhus offers the ability to build up extra modules to completely change the look of the product and needs a minimum clearance distance of just 20mm to a wall behind.

All this, of course, with the stylish design and excellent flame picture that dealers and consumers have come to expect from Faber.

For further information on the Blokhus, please visit our website Faber Blokhus or email email us.

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Nu Flame launch the Ark front

Arc HIW Hotbox Phosphorus

Nu Flame launch the Ark front to suit their current range of open fronted inset fire boxes.

The new Ark front fits the Ultra, Slimline and Hotbox fires, providing them with a more stylised look than the traditional flat or profile trims. The new trim still allows for use of the hi level 3 button control option.

The Ark front is available in three finishes:

  • Brushed steel
  • Noir
  • Phosphorus
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Hunter Avalon Slimline 8

Hunter Avalon Slimline 8

Introducing a new model – The Hunter Avalon Slimline 8

Hunter have just introduced into it’s already extensive stove lineup the Hunter Avalon Slimline 8 wood and multifuel 5kW output stove. With its slimline design, not only do you have outstanding characteristics, this high-powered model now comes with only a 5” flue for easy installation and delivers outstanding performance. Available with either a single or double door, and top or back flue outlet.

The Avalon Slimline 8 has been designed with less depth, for shallower chimney breasts the stove can still accommodate logs of up to 19.75” long. The Cleanburn system ensures that the fuel gives its utmost, driving heat directly into the room.


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The Importance of gas fire servicing

All gas appliances should be serviced once a year for your safety.

Gas fire servicing will ensure your fire is set up properly and that all the products of combustion are being extracted into the chimney correctly and not spilling dangerous carbon monoxide (CO) into your room. It will also ensure that your fire continues to provide the maximum heat it can. Fires that are not serviced will suffer a drop in heat production, as they won’t burn cleanly.

Over time, with the constant expansion and contraction the coals settle and the fire flame picture suffers. The service will include removal of the coals and burner bed a repaint of the coals to make them look as new, the fire will then be relaid and tested so that it looks as good as it did the day it was installed.

Some of the signs to look out for when your gas fire needs servicing are;

  1. a build up of soot on the coal
  2. black streaks on the wall or fireplace from the top of the fire
  3. difficulty in lighting
  4. the fire won’t stay alight for long

Gas fire servicing MUST be carried out by a GasSafe registered engineer, details of your local engineer can be found on the GasSafe website. Should you live locally to Beckenham and Bromley, Orpington, Dulwich Eltham then we also carry out gas fire servicing.


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Nu Flame Silhouette trim introduced

Nu Flame Silhouette trim

Nu Flame have launched the Silhouette trim to suit their current range of open fronted inset fire boxes.

The new Nu Flame Silhouette trim fits the Convector Ultra HE, Slimline Radiant HE and Hotbox HE fires, providing them with a more stylised look than the traditional flat or profile trims. The new trim still allows for use of the hi level 3 button control option.

The Nu Flame Silhouette trim is available in three finishes:

  • Black/Brushed Stainless Steel
  • Black/Polished Stainless
  • Black/Brass

    Flame Silouette options

    Flame Silouette options

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