Frequently asked questions

We receive a number of enquiries that tend to ask the same questions about fireplace designs and fireplace gas fire, real fire and wood stove installation. We answer some of those frequently asked questions (FAQ’s) below which we hope will aid you in choosing and using the fireplace, fire or stove that is right for you.

Frequently Asked Questions;

Will my existing fire fit your fireplace?

Our fireplaces can be manufactured to suit any type of fire, be it electric, gas or solid fuel. So you can be assured that your existing or new fire will always be a perfect fit.

I like a particular fireplace design but I don’t like the material it is shown in – can it be made in a different material?

We can manufacture most of our fireplaces in any of the 60 different types marble, granite and limestone we carry from stock.

Can you make a unique fireplace to my own design?

Yes! – We offer a bespoke fireplace design service. Our long experience in both fireplace design and manufacture will help us to guide your through the process of getting both the fireplace design and the materials selection just right

I want a wooden mantel to match my furniture – can you make it in the same colour as my furniture?

As we only use solid wood in our mantelpiece designs we are able to colour match our wooden mantelpieces to your colour sample.

I would love one of your fireplaces but they are too wide or too small for my chimney breast – can you make fireplaces in different widths?

All of our fireplaces can be manufactured to size, ensuring you get the perfect fireplace for your needs.

The fireplace I am interested in will not cover the gap left in my carpet by the old one – can you make hearths in different sizes?

We can alter the hearth to any size ensuring a perfect fit and saving the expense of a new carpet!

Why are some fireplaces shown with joints on the back panel and hearth?

These joints are required when the fireplace is to be used with a solid fuel open fire or stove. The joints allow for expansion from the extra heat. This may also be needed for some of the newer high output gas fires

Do I have a choice of metal trim around the fire opening?

Yes we are able to supply the trim in Black, polished Stainless Steel, brushed Stainless Steel, Brass with Copper and Bronze to special order

Can I have a made to measure fire trim?

We are able to supply made to measure fire trims for fireplaces in Black, brushed and polished stainless steel, brass and copper, with a choice of trim face widths and return depths. Contact us or your local stockist for more details.

I know the sort of design I would like but can’t see exactly what I want – can you make a fireplace to my design?

We are able to offer a design service, one of our designers will work with you to produce the perfect fireplace for your room.

How do I work out the size of stove for my room?

To arrive at the size of stove in terms of heat output required for room add up the width x length x height in meters and divide the answer by 14. This will give you the kW required based on no other heat source when it is -1 Deg outside. EG: 4.2 x 3.6 x 2.4 = 36.28 / 14 = 2.59kW

How do I know what size of stove will fit my opening?

As a rule of thumb free standing wood and gas stoves normally require at least 150mm clearance each side, however some wood burning stoves can be reduced down to as little as 100mm each side, and 150mm above. Cassette stoves and gas fires only require about 25mm clearance all round.

Do I have to have my chimney lined for a stove?

In most cases the answer will be yes for both wood burning and gas stoves. This is because the stoves are so efficient they will not produce enough heat for the existing brick chimney to draw properly and extract the products of combustion safely.

How much wood will my stove burn?

Small 5kW stoves will burn approximately 3 -4 logs per hour

Is there a British Standard covering fireplaces?

Yes there is one covering manufacture BS1251, the manufacture of Stoves and fires are covered by various European Standards. There is also British Standard covering installation of stoves and fireplaces BS8303.

Who can fit my new fireplace?

All fireplaces must be fitted by a member of the governments competent person scheme, so a HETAS registered fitter for fireplaces and appliances using solid fuel or wood and a GasSafe registered fitter for fireplaces using gas. All of our stockists are HETAS and GasSafe registered. Otherwise the fireplace itself can be fitted by yourself if you apply for Building Control from your Local Authority Building Control office. Then the appliance can be installed by a HETAS or GasSafe engineer, but check they are happy to work this way before you attempt a DIY installation.

What is Conglomerate Marble?

Conglomerate Marble is a mixture of crushed natural marble and a resin to bond it all together, and is available in two types;

Traditional which is a mixture of stone sizes held together with a high mix of resin.

Micro which is a mixture of finely crushed stone held together with about 3% resin.

Neither type is suitable for use with a solid fuel fire or a high output gas fire.

What is a Moisture Meter?

A moisture meter shows how dry the wood you have for your stove is. The meter has some form of digital display readout and two metal prongs which you press into the log, this then gives a moisture readout on the display. Wood for burning on a stove needs to be below 20% moisture content between 12 and 15% is ideal. Should your wood read above 20% DO NOT USE until it has been seasoned down to below 20%. A moisture meter is an essential piece of kit for any wood stove owner.